The AMA was founded in 1984 and has since gathered over 140 LGBTI+ motorcyclists and their pillions in 5 geographical delegations covering 75 % of France. In each delegation, the representative and the members propose AMApéros, AMArestaurants and AMArides for a day or more, in or outside the territory of the delegation. AMA is a founding member of the GLME federation (Gay and Lesbian Motorcyclists in Europe) whose members (13 in 9 countries) organize each year, in turns, a 3 day camp on the Ascension week end (120 participants) and a one week camp at the end of August (200 participants) in Europe.

* Do you like motorbikes and their universe?

* Do you ride a bike of at least 125 cc?

* Are you LGBTI+ (or friendly)?

* Are you a beginner/confirmed pilot or their pillion?

* Are you willing to make an effort in helping our association thrive? Do not hesitate to contact us!


We are eager to welcome you soon as a new member and have a ride together.

See you in your future friendly AMA association!


Les prochains événements

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